Famous Musicians Who Are Actually From Ireland

Ireland’s culture has roots in music as the tradition of music in the country is ancient, and it lives on to this day. You may see Ireland as the country with green hills that extend for acres, or their pubs filled with adventures of epic styles. However, music is at the core and plays a part in every bit of the cultural significance of the country and should be enjoyed. Here are the best musicians that are initially from Ireland.

Damien Dempsey

Damien Dempsey was born right outside of Dublin and grew up there. He is a singer as well as a songwriter, and the music he produces is a mix of traditional and contemporary music. People deem him a revolutionary person in the music scene of Ireland.

Christy Moore

Christy Moore is a singer that tends to mix folk with contemporary styled music. She has been a part of the music scene in Ireland since 1969. Christy is one of the artists who was a forerunner in bringing Irish music to the world and is revered as a legend today.

Roisin Murphy

People call Roisin Murphy, the queen of cool contemporary music. She is a musician that has been experimenting with a variety of genres. She loves to show off her creativity enthusiastically, which people say makes her uniquely represent Ireland.

Luke Kelly

Luke Kelly is a part of the Dubliners, who are a band that is quite popular all over the world. He is a legend to the locals of the country. He grew up in Dublin, the capital of Ireland. His songs are about the Irish people’s struggles and achievements.

Dolores O’Riordan

The late Dolores O’Riordan was the lead singer of the Cranberries, which was a music group that was born in Ireland. She was a famous figure in the music scene of the country. People thought of her as one of Ireland’s most celebrated musicians.


Hozier is a veteran of the music scene that comes from Ireland, and he has been releasing beautiful hits throughout his career in music. He is known all around the world due in part to a recent song he released. It isn’t a surprise that he is seen as one of Ireland’s best musicians.

James Vincent McMorrow

James Vincent McMorrow is a musician from Ireland that hasn’t been in the music scene for many years. However, he is still one of the best. His debut album was a hit, which propelled his rise to fame.

Phil Lynott

If there is a must-listen list of Irish musicians, then Phillip Lynott would be on the playlist for sure. He is one of the most notable musicians from Ireland. Lynott is a part of a rock band called Thin Lizzy as the lead singer since he founded the group, and he makes the lyrics for the songs and plays the bass. He died a while after his band broke up from addiction problems, and there is a statue of him that was built to commemorate him.


Anyone who lived through the 90s has heard of the band U2 and the unique lead singer, Bono. Bono was born in Dublin. He has been a well-known figure in the music scene of Ireland for several years before he was the face of U2 and became a legend.

Van Morrison

Another singer/musician from the 90s is Van Morrison. As an artist that has contributed to music that has spread all over the world, he has earned numerous awards. Morrison is a part of the Hall of Fame for Songwriters and Rock and Roll.

Van Morrison
Van Morrison