Pig stock festival https://pigstockfestival.co.uk Fri, 14 May 2021 12:32:52 +0000 en-US hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=5.5.5 TOP Irish Songs You Should Listen Right Now https://pigstockfestival.co.uk/top-irish-songs-you-should-listen-right-now/ Thu, 12 Nov 2020 13:46:29 +0000 http://pigstockfestival.co.uk/?p=61 The Irish culture has two sides. The first one is sad and serious with great literature, difficult history, and stepping dances. The second side is related with joy, lucky, and mystical creatures. If you are imagining the true Irish pub right now with green decorations and a huge glass of Guinness beer, then the only thing that was missed is a playlist of the best Irish songs.  

There are those traditional Irish folk songs that have be recorded and re-interpreted over the years about war, dark rainy days, and hard work. There are straight-ahead bangers that just so happened to be recorded by bands who come from Ireland. The world-wide popular singers such as Van Morrison and Ed Sheeran or such bands as U2 have changed the attitude towards the Irish music and the whole culture of this country. Here we want to introduce you some amazing old and new Irish songs that would bring you mood for beer and dancing on a bar.


Raglan Road is one of those songs that never gets old-fashioned because the topic of love is always trendy. This song is called the most romantic Irish song as it was born out of a real romance. The song was written by Patrick Kavanagh. There are many covers of this top Irish song but one of the best versions has been performed by Luke Kelly. How good is this song? Well, even the strongest man can burst into tears when they are listening to this song after a few glasses of whiskey. 

Another great and true Irish song of the so-called pirate style is called The Wild Rover. The classic drinking song tells the story about a wayward son spending all his money on whiskey and beer but then promising to return home only to repent his wild ways. What could be more Irish? The song came from folk songs and it could be older than 400 years old. However, the well-known Irish band The Dubliners made a great cover in 1964 and the old song came back to the tops. People all over Ireland knows this song because the topic is immortal. 

Phil Coulter is known by older and younger generations of Ireland as well as his unique song called The Town I Loved So Well. The song is so simple yet so honest and hearty about life in one town of Derry that is located in Northern Ireland. This is one of the most emotive Irish songs. It speaks to anyone who experienced life in Ireland during good and bad times.

New and Trendy

Wild Mountain Thyme is an old song that was mentioned in some historical sources of the late 18th century. Year by year it was covered by different bands and singers. The newest cover is made by the star of teenagers Ed Sheeran. Simple, traditional, and sounds good while drinking your beer. 

Northern Ireland
Northern Ireland

Finally, there is a song by U2 called Where the Streets Have No Name. The leader of the band Bono wrote after hearing a story about Belfast, the capital of Northern Ireland. The song tells about the idea that a person’s religion and income could be guessed by the street they lived on, and instead encourage unity by forgetting about street names. 

The AVA EDM Music Festival in Ireland Has Been Sensational https://pigstockfestival.co.uk/the-ava-edm-music-festival-in-ireland-has-been-sensational/ Thu, 21 Nov 2019 08:26:43 +0000 http://pigstockfestival.co.uk/?p=56 Music festivals are a great place to hang out with friends. It is the perfect place to kick back and to engorge yourself in the music. Be it the calming and alluring style of music, to the fast techno beats, each music festival is different and often features many artists. These artists are most widely known and famous individuals, such as David Guetta or even the more popular figures in today’s hip hop industry. Each music festival caters to a person and their interests. But it is also essential to find the correct type of music festival to head to, and since there are so many types of festivals and, even more so of the same genre, it may be a bit confusing as to where to start and which festival you should try next.

As of early 2019, one of the most spectacular locations and music destinations that should be next on your list is the AVA EDM music festival. This festival is exactly as it sounds and even more. It takes place in Ireland and is said to be an extraordinary experience to behold. This party quickly and effectively rose up in the ranks to become one of Europe’s most invigorating and energetic parties and EDM music festivals. They recently celebrated their fifth anniversary with a strong and brand new lineup in which to begin and continue with their festivities. 

The Genre And Program

Considering the fact that the AVA festival is a European Music Festival, it is one of the most sensational venues where the rising stars of all genres and all talents join together to make your night fun. Be prepared to be wowed by the best lineup you have ever seen. The artists in the scene include some famous artists who are known by many all across Europe. Ranging from the Black Madonna to Horse Meat Disco, who were all individuals who performed and were interviewed on the latest news about their experiences in the country.

The showcase of talent throughout the course of the shows, ensure the display of some new blood as well as personal and past favourites of the crowd, including the motor city drum ensemble and Len Faki. There were even some acts and performances that take over the crowd entirely and matched the crowds’ intensity to stomp and shout alongside the music. Every performer accomplishes this feat with a devastating and intense blend of techno and bounce music. This not only ensures that the crowd goes wild, but it also paves the way for other artists to make their debut and burst onto the stage with a new sense of motivation. The festival itself is integral to dance music scene in Europe and its EDM lovers. Overall if you are an EDM lover and you are looking for a new venue to attend, the AVA EDM music festival in Europe should be next on your list of places to go.

The Guinness Jazz Fest Brings Jazz to Ireland Every Year https://pigstockfestival.co.uk/the-guinness-jazz-fest-brings-jazz-to-ireland-every-year/ Tue, 12 Nov 2019 09:25:54 +0000 http://pigstockfestival.co.uk/?p=53 Beers and the Irish have a powerful bond sealed with the goodness that Guinness has brought to the country. So, when the beer company sponsor a countrywide iconic jazz festival in Cork, the entire country celebrates it. It is the biggest jazz festival in all of Ireland, and some musicians are welcomed from over 30 countries to come and participate in the festival and bring music to over 80 venues throughout the city of Cork. There are a host of events that are part of the festival that keep visitors and patrons coming back for more every year. 

The History of The Festival

For over several decades, the jazz festival draws in over 40,000 people to the city. The biggest names in jazz music are always set to perform at the festival, and a true jazz fan finds that the festival lacks in nothing less. Names like Dizzy Gillespie, Ella Fitzgerald and Chick Corea are some of the biggest names to have headlined at the festival through time. Every year, a top musician in the Jazz genre is chosen to create history at the festival.

The festival was started in the year 1978 for the first time by its founder Jim Mountjoy. He was the marketing manager for a top hotel at the time and found that the city really needed a jazz fest for a weekend. The first time the Guinness jazz festival in Cork took place, it happened to fall on a bank holiday, and the whole event was a massive hit. Over time, a committee was put together, and the festival was taken to heights over the ears. Sponsors began pouring into making their brand known at the festival. It was then during the 80s when Guinness decided to become the title sponsor for the Jazz festival and has continued to hold the main sponsorship title. Mountjoy introduced other little pub trails and jazz events in conjunction with the Jazz festival, and each of them was hits.

Getting to The Festival and Experiencing It

When the tickets and the program becomes available for the festival, ensure you find your spot for places that require you to purchase tickets. Some flights and accommodations need to be considered when you make the trip to Cork for the festival, and the rule of thumb is earlier the better. You can also extend your trip to Cork and experience a host of other events and activities in the city around the time. There are options where you a self-drive to Ireland and though Ireland to experience everything from the Cork festival of Jazz to some of the best sailing adventures. For one thing, the festival is hosted in October, the best time of year to visit Ireland if you are travelling too. An influx in tourism is expected. Therefore, it is advisable to get your tickets early. The entire city of Cork is abuzz with enthusiasm during the festival, and there is enough and more public transport that is organised for the festival-goers as well.

Traditional Music Festival Experiences in Ireland https://pigstockfestival.co.uk/traditional-music-festival-experiences-in-ireland/ Mon, 28 Oct 2019 11:24:27 +0000 http://pigstockfestival.co.uk/?p=50 The people of Ireland are renowned all over the world for how much they love music and how they celebrate music. They celebrate with good times while playing music. You’ll see them celebrate a lot during the summer. It is when the country will have many traditional events and festivals that are held in almost every city. 

What Are the Festivals in Ireland Like?

For many centuries in Ireland, they have celebrated fleadhs, feiles, and ceilis as they told stories, danced and sang songs. There was some Irish Harps, uilleann pipes, an accordion, a bodhran player, the penny flute, and the flutes playing to provide the music. The songs from centuries ago would be played by those instruments. The instruments would help play polkas, reels, and jigs, which would be the song that the traditional dancers would be dancing to during the celebrations. There are also Sean Nos singers that have solo ballads they would sing. Storytellers would also be there to tell the stories about Irish folklore from many centuries ago, which crowds would gather to be able to listen in to around the storytellers. It is a vital part of the culture of Ireland, and you’ll still witness it in today’s times. There are many concerts, festivals, and traditional pub seisuns all over Ireland.

Tradition in All the Events

In Ireland, there have been many traditional festivals that have been celebrated. Two of the oldest ones are Puck Fair and the Ould Lammas Fair. The former takes place in Co. Kerry, while the latter takes place in Co. Antrim. Puck Fair takes place in a town in Co. Kerry called Killorglin. It is a fair that is renowned throughout Ireland as being one of if not the oldest festivals in the country. The festival is the quirkiest one in all of Ireland since they have a goat, called King Puck, that rules the town. They put a crown on King Puck and place him in the middle of town on a stage. Then, the town’s citizens celebrate with a variety of music and celebration throughout the city. Ould Lammas Fair takes place in a village in Co. Antrim called Ballycastle. It is held during August’s final weekend. It is a festival where a market of cattle and horses takes over the town. But during the nighttime is when the fiddle and bodhran sound flood the city.

Feiles and Fleadhs

Each county or town in Ireland will hold a Fleadh or Feile in the summer. If you are considering visiting Ireland at any time during the summer, then you’ll find many festivals or fairs taking place throughout the country. For example, if you go to Co. Kerry, then the Feile Lughnasa is an excellent fair you can attend. If you go to Co. Mayo, then the Feile Iorras is a fantastic festival to attend. There is also the festival on the Aran Islands’ Co. Donegal the Ragus, which is called the Feile an Earagail. These festivals and fairs help in keeping the traditional dance and song of Ireland alive.

Iconic Folk Music Groups from Ireland https://pigstockfestival.co.uk/iconic-folk-music-groups-from-ireland/ Sat, 12 Oct 2019 08:44:27 +0000 http://pigstockfestival.co.uk/?p=44 You must know that Irish bands and their music are a significant component of the culture in Ireland. The music of Ireland is the most prominent feature of the country. It is integrated into the lives of the Irish ever since the early days of the country’s existence. It will define the times you go hang out at night when you become allowed to drink. The music and dance in Ireland’s culture represent camaraderie. It doesn’t matter if you’re jamming with your friends or sitting at a pub indulging in a trad session. You shouldn’t be surprised that many traditional bands were started in Ireland. Even if there isn’t a particular selection of the best Irish bands, this article will tell you of some of the iconic ones.


Integrating Celtic rock is what the Horslips do with their music style. They are a traditional band that most people of Ireland know. They use traditional reels, jigs, and airs as their music’s foundation and they are being celebrated for using them. In Dublin in the year 1970, the band was started. It became the band to listen to if you wanted to hear Celtic fusion. However, from 1980 until 2004, the band took a break. After their break, they’re still performing their best, and they’re still popular with many adoring fans. During The Troubles, the band served as a common interest between those that opposed each of their political views.

The Chieftains

In Ireland, a band that everyone adored was the Chieftains. They were a band that focused on traditional folk. The band first started in Dublin in the year 1963, and they still perform together until today. The founding members of the Chieftains were Michael Tubridy, Sean Potts, and Paddy Maloney. They have an identity that is prominently Irish. These three were essential to the traditional music of Ireland’s evolution into becoming contemporary. The band became successful all over the world, including in the United Kingdom as well as the United States. Their success is due to them being involved with the film called Barry Lyndon, which was directed by Stanley Kubrick and released in the year 1975. That movie received an Academy Award, which is a reason their music became well-known. There have been many rewards awarded to the band for their musical contributions to the world. It includes being honoured the title of Ireland’s Musical Ambassadors in the year 1989.

The Dubliners

The best traditional band that had their roots in Ireland is the Dubliners. At least, that’s what most of the people of Ireland think of them. The band was started in the year 1962. Lead singers Ronnie Drew and Luke Kelly have always been the lead members of the band. Their half-century-long career has had their band’s line-up changed a lot. But even if the line-up was drastically changing, Luke and Drew were still essential parts of the band that helped the band grow. The band has received many awards for how they’ve helped with the musical renaissance of Ireland.

The Most Unique Instruments Used in Music from Ireland https://pigstockfestival.co.uk/the-most-unique-instruments-used-in-music-from-ireland/ Sat, 12 Oct 2019 08:23:44 +0000 http://pigstockfestival.co.uk/?p=47 Ireland’s traditional music is older than most of its cities. It’s an art form and pastime that dates back to the ancient times of Ireland. The Irish identity has music integrated into it deeply. The people of Ireland respect and love their country’s traditional music. Traditional Irish music has been passed down from their ancestors. Centuries past is where the music first started, but most of the old music has now been lost to time. The majority of the music we have from our ancestors date back from the eighteenth century and onwards. The traditional music of Ireland has many iconic instruments, and this article will tell you about some of them. So if you ever visit a pub in Ireland, you may spot or hear one of these instruments.


One of the most prominent instruments that are played during Ireland’s traditional music is the accordion. The instrument is shaped like a box. It is an instrument used often in traditional performances in Ireland. The people of Ireland like to refer to the accordion as the squeezebox. This nickname for the instrument is because playing it requires you to squeeze it and to release it so that it can produce sound.

Tin whistle

Another one of the most frequently played instruments in Ireland’s traditional music is the tin flute. It is the whistle that is the most used compared to other whistles in traditional Irish music. If you think of Irish music, then you’ll most likely think about the tin whistle. School children in Ireland will be taught how to use the tin whistle early on in their education. Playing the tin whistle isn’t tricky at all. What you do is blow into its mouthpiece while covering the holes on the whistle. Doing that will allow the whistle to produce different sounds. People will usually refer to the tin whistle with nicknames like the Irish whistle, flageolet, or penny whistle.

Irish flute

If you’ve heard Irish music, then you’ve probably listened to the Irish flute at least once. The Irish flute is also taught to children since the mechanism to play the instrument isn’t difficult to learn at all. It’s similar to the tin whistle since you blow into the mouthpiece of the instrument while covering the holes. It will produce different sounds when you do that. However, it’s made of wood, so it isn’t a replica of the tin whistle.


In Ireland, there is an instrument that has its origin there. It is called the bodhran. The bodhran is a framed drum instrument that you hold in your hands. It’s practical and lightweight, so you’ll often see it being played by music groups that focus on traditional Irish music. The drum’s body is made out of wood, and the covering or head of it is made out of a goat’s skin. To play the bodhran, you need a beater, which is a small stick with two heads. You hit it against the goat’s skin on the bodhran to create the sound.

The Best Ways to Discover New Irish Music https://pigstockfestival.co.uk/the-best-ways-to-discover-new-irish-music/ Thu, 03 Oct 2019 20:28:00 +0000 http://pigstockfestival.co.uk/?p=72 A country like Ireland is steeped in history and culture, always happy to pay due respect to those musicians and singers who have perfected their craft and who carry on the ancient traditions of Irish folk music. Equally, there is a healthy appreciation of new music and new artists, whether they stick to Irish custom or forge something completely new. However, unless you are completely immersed in the music scene itself, it can be hard to keep track of all the new performers making waves on the ground.

If you’re an Irish music fan, then there are various tips and tricks you can use to stay up to date with what’s happening in that world, even if you can’t attend each and every gig or impromptu jam session in person.  Here we’ll take a look some of those methods for keeping in touch.

Digital Discovery

The internet is one of the most obvious, yet also one of the most useful, arenas to explore when it comes to discovering new music of any genre. However, when it concerns an interest in music emanating from the Emerald Isle, it can be especially helpful. The nature of Irish folk music, for example, means that it is often performed to a miniscule audience in crowded venues with little space or thought for recording equipment, camera close-ups or a strict set list. The increased capacity for ordinary fans to record good quality audio or video content in these situations means that many more spontaneous performances are being recorded for posterity and enjoyment by a wider audience. Just as we’ve grown used to accessing other entertainment categories online, like classic table games or blockbuster movies, so too has the music world blossomed and expanded since the advent of the internet. There’s no question that the online realm has allowed for the democratisation of live and recorded music, and that is no less true in Ireland than elsewhere. Just as Origin and PokerCasino provide access to well-loved gaming classics alongside new and innovative takes on them, so do services like Spotify, Soundcloud and YouTube allow for brand new artists to upload their work right next to well-established musicians. Dedicating some time to having a look through user-generated playlists, checking out recommended artists and listening to new work from well-known music makers on the scene is worthwhile if you want to find the hottest new Irish music to listen to at home and on the go.

Live and Kicking

Whilst the internet represents a great opportunity to discover music from afar, the good old-fashioned system of heading down to a local pub or open mic night still holds true. All types of venues play host to gigs, concerts, impromptu jam sessions and other musical events throughout the year, especially during holidays and special occasions. If you’re lucky enough to live in or be able to visit Ireland itself, then you won’t have to look far to find something happening before your very eyes. Major cities like Dublin have music everywhere, from out on the street, to inside the famous pubs strewn across the city, to within bigger venues like 3Arena, the National Concert Hall and the Aviva Stadium. People travel from all over the world to hear the sounds of this small Gaelic nation and it still holds a strong place in world music, despite its relatively small size. The festival scene is also deeply rooted in Irish culture, with events like the Puck Fair and Old Lammas Fair still taking place year on year. Newer festivals like Electric Picnic, Forbidden Fruit and Longitude are making a solid name for themselves, attracting thousands of eager fans each summer, whatever the weather.

Violin practice

Word of Mouth

Whether you’re a budding musician yourself or simply a fan, talking to other people who share your interests can only net you further expertise in this particular subject. Many up-and-coming artists get their break through word of mouth; as they make an impression on live audiences, these people recommend them to friends and strangers both, in person and online, therefore acting as free marketing. So, it’s worth considering joining groups, music making classes, jam sessions, musical instrument lessons and regular events at venues to get in touch with all the ‘right’ people so that you can learn more about the Irish music scene. Not only is it a great opportunity for conversation, education and shared experience, but you also might end up with access to some pretty great record collections. Combing through a real enthusiasts painstakingly assembled library of music is one of the best ways to get to grips with a genre and enjoy yourself thoroughly in the process. After all, everybody has to start somewhere, so why not avail yourself of the knowledge of those who’ve gone before?

What to Expect From a Music Festival in Ireland https://pigstockfestival.co.uk/what-to-expect-from-a-music-festival-in-ireland/ Mon, 30 Sep 2019 12:10:14 +0000 http://pigstockfestival.co.uk/?p=38 In Ireland, music festivals weren’t much of a trend until a decade back. The first music festival that made it a trend in Ireland was Witness (now known as Oxegen). It was held in County Kildare. After that particular music festival, more and more started to pop up. Nowadays, the summers have numerous small and large music festivals that are scattered throughout the country. If you’re in Ireland during the summer, you’re most likely going to want to attend a music festival or two. This article will list down a few things you should keep in mind before you go to a music festival in Ireland.

1. Keep Watch of Who and What’s Around You

If you ever attend a music festival, you’ll feel like you’re pushing into crowds all the time. You might think that the place is like a mini city since there are tents all over the surrounding area of the stages. Be mindful of who and what’s around you at all times while at the music festival. If you wander off without keeping a note of what’s around you, you’ll be lost, and you won’t find your car or tent. It is vital to be always aware of what’s around you.

2. Always Keep an Eye on Your Belongings

Ireland is a place where, most of the time, people have had excellent experiences. But people have had people break into their tents or have had things stolen from them. You shouldn’t be keeping valuable items inside of your tent. You might think that putting a lock on your tent will help you, but that will only get your tent targeted most of the time. Thieves will see the lock and instantly assume that there are valuable things inside that tent, which will make them want to break into that tent. Always have your money, phone, and method of identification with you at all times.

3. Be Prepared Beforehand for Any Weather

If you are thinking of attending a music festival in Ireland during the summer, you’ll probably be experiencing rain when you’re there. On the days leading up to the music festival, you should keep yourself notified on the weather forecast. But no matter what the weather is, you should prepare for any weather since it can be unpredictable. You will have to bring with you any waterproof footwear to be able to traverse through the muddy ground of the festival. Make sure to prepare sunglasses and sunscreen in case of intense sunlight, if the sun decides to show up and the clouds decide to take a break.

4. Remember to Enjoy and Have Fun

The most important thing that you have to keep in your mind is that you should be having fun. If you aren’t having fun, then you’re doing music festivals all wrong. Music festivals are supposed to be parties that are full of fun music, events, and activities. There are performers that you will find amazing who will be playing their music and such. Some people are all-around great people to be around. Always be mindful of your safety but also try to have the most fun you can muster.

Galway Live Music Experience to Soak Up https://pigstockfestival.co.uk/galway-live-music-experience-to-soak-up/ Thu, 05 Sep 2019 12:07:12 +0000 http://pigstockfestival.co.uk/?p=34 Drinking a glass of Guinness in a pub while listening to a bit of Irish music is the best combination that you can find in the Emerald Isle. There are a lot of people that would tell you that you wouldn’t have the full experience of Ireland if you haven’t gone to a bar and indulged in the traditional music that’s played live.  You’re getting into something great that you will never forget if you’re planning on going to the west. The second-largest city in Ireland, Galway, has more than eighty thousand people living in it, and it is a famous hub for fans of musical talents and the talents themselves. When the sun is out, there will be a ton of buskers out on the streets, but when the sun is away, there will be many musicians out to play. The musicians carry their fiddles, harps, and flutes and they entertain patrons in the numerous pubs throughout the city. If you’re a fan of live gigs and you’re passing through Galway here are some places that are favorites of the locals.

1. Tigh Coili Pub

The Tigh Coili Pub is a pub that almost everyone who’s visiting has on their bucket list. But don’t worry about its popularity since it isn’t what is known as a tourist trap. It is a pub that the locals love, and a family runs the small pub, which you can find in the Latin Quarter. The pub is one of the most excellent places to go if you want to hear live Irish music in the town of Galway. The live traditional music has two sessions each night, and it happens on every day of the week. The musicians are always grouped near the bar at a side table. The seats become occupied almost immediately, so if you are planning to visit, then you’ll have to get there early for a decent place to sit. While you wait for the Irish music, you should try to socialize with the locals over a drink.

Tigh Coili Pub
Tigh Coili Pub

2. The Crane Bar

The Crane Bar is far to the east, but it is worth the long walk to this popular bar. It is hidden away from the crowds that come from the main street. This bar is a gathering place for the locals where they can listen to live traditional music freely on every day of the week. You could call the bar a rustic Irish pub since that’s what fits it the most. Many regulars frequently visit the bar, and all the staff members know all their names and what they prefer to drink. Any newcomers who come to this bar are welcomed warmly with smiles all around, and they’ll quickly find that they’re conversing over shared drinks.

3. A Púcán

A Púcán is one of the most popular pubs in Galway. If you ask around in Galway if they know of an experience of a pub that’s truly authentic, then they will most likely tell you to go to An Púcán. The pub is close to the train station, so if you arrive in town for the first time, you can easily visit as soon as you want. The pub is one of the oldest in Galway, and it also functions as a restaurant, music venue, and sports bar along with being a pub. They have Guinness available, but they also have more than a hundred different varieties of whiskeys that you can indulge in if you desire.

The Best Live Music Venues to Go to in Dublin, Ireland https://pigstockfestival.co.uk/the-best-live-music-venues-to-go-to-in-dublin-ireland/ Sat, 10 Aug 2019 11:56:46 +0000 http://pigstockfestival.co.uk/?p=30 Many world capitals are rich in history and culture. One of these is Ireland’s Dublin City where many landmarks and remnants of the medieval and Renaissance periods can be seen all around the city. Dublin is also famous for being the hometown of many writers and artists. In addition to these, Dublin is an excellent hub for music lovers to experience live music as well. There are many benefits of watching live music. Other than dancing to the beat and meeting people that have similar tastes in music, enjoying the beverage and the food is another bonus. The top live music venues in Ireland provide an atmosphere of inspiration and relaxation in connection to featuring both local and upcoming music artists and performers.

The Best Music Venue in Dublin – Whelans

When asked about the top live music venue in the city of Dublin, many would suggest Whelans as the best. This hot spot is located on Camden Street where visitors are welcome to enter for free. This could be seen in the regular music line-up that Whelan’s offers. They have showcased international artists, local musical legends, established bands, aspiring singers and songwriters. Aside from the music scene, they have a Front Bar and also hold performances from comedian and spoken word artists.

Classic Irish Pub – Bruxelles

Found near Dublin’s shopping district on Grafton Street, Bruxelles has the advantage of location as an upmarket bar. The bar combines cosmopolitan city vibes with its traditional classic Irish pub theme. On the street level, Bruxelle’s saloon inspires a traditional pub atmosphere and an outdoor beer terrace. However, the downstairs area of the bar is home to upcoming musical talent from Dublin and the surrounding cities. Every Wednesday, a local band called Zodiac Sessions performs in Bruxelle’s basement stage.  

Home of Subterranean Music – The Mezz

Fans of alternative and indie music will not be disappointed as Dublin also has its own subterranean music venue called The Mezz. This music haunt is housed within the Temple Bar on Eustace Street and shows more than 14 musical performances in a week on average. The raw and unapologetic atmosphere of The Mezz reflects the unique aesthetic of the music played within its walls. Rock, indie, and soul musicians perform every night of the week in its stage. Indie music fans flock to the venue to catch some of the best talents from Dublin here.

The Mezz
The Mezz

The Feel of the Circus – The Grand Social

Another up and coming live music venue in Dublin, Ireland is the Grand Social. This listing is relatively new as it was only established in 2010. Ever since then, it has climbed its way to the top rungs of the ladder as musicians and artists’ choice for their live performances. The Grand Social is located on the Northside of Dublin near the foot of the Ha’Penny Bridge. They host artists from rock, indie and alternative genres, DJs, and songwriters. The Grand Social is famous for its circus theme, spacious venue, and outdoor beer garden.