Galway Live Music Experience to Soak Up

Drinking a glass of Guinness in a pub while listening to a bit of Irish music is the best combination that you can find in the Emerald Isle. There are a lot of people that would tell you that you wouldn’t have the full experience of Ireland if you haven’t gone to a bar and indulged in the traditional music that’s played live.  You’re getting into something great that you will never forget if you’re planning on going to the west. The second-largest city in Ireland, Galway, has more than eighty thousand people living in it, and it is a famous hub for fans of musical talents and the talents themselves. When the sun is out, there will be a ton of buskers out on the streets, but when the sun is away, there will be many musicians out to play. The musicians carry their fiddles, harps, and flutes and they entertain patrons in the numerous pubs throughout the city. If you’re a fan of live gigs and you’re passing through Galway here are some places that are favorites of the locals.

1. Tigh Coili Pub

The Tigh Coili Pub is a pub that almost everyone who’s visiting has on their bucket list. But don’t worry about its popularity since it isn’t what is known as a tourist trap. It is a pub that the locals love, and a family runs the small pub, which you can find in the Latin Quarter. The pub is one of the most excellent places to go if you want to hear live Irish music in the town of Galway. The live traditional music has two sessions each night, and it happens on every day of the week. The musicians are always grouped near the bar at a side table. The seats become occupied almost immediately, so if you are planning to visit, then you’ll have to get there early for a decent place to sit. While you wait for the Irish music, you should try to socialize with the locals over a drink.

Tigh Coili Pub
Tigh Coili Pub

2. The Crane Bar

The Crane Bar is far to the east, but it is worth the long walk to this popular bar. It is hidden away from the crowds that come from the main street. This bar is a gathering place for the locals where they can listen to live traditional music freely on every day of the week. You could call the bar a rustic Irish pub since that’s what fits it the most. Many regulars frequently visit the bar, and all the staff members know all their names and what they prefer to drink. Any newcomers who come to this bar are welcomed warmly with smiles all around, and they’ll quickly find that they’re conversing over shared drinks.

3. A Púcán

A Púcán is one of the most popular pubs in Galway. If you ask around in Galway if they know of an experience of a pub that’s truly authentic, then they will most likely tell you to go to An Púcán. The pub is close to the train station, so if you arrive in town for the first time, you can easily visit as soon as you want. The pub is one of the oldest in Galway, and it also functions as a restaurant, music venue, and sports bar along with being a pub. They have Guinness available, but they also have more than a hundred different varieties of whiskeys that you can indulge in if you desire.