Iconic Folk Music Groups from Ireland

You must know that Irish bands and their music are a significant component of the culture in Ireland. The music of Ireland is the most prominent feature of the country. It is integrated into the lives of the Irish ever since the early days of the country’s existence. It will define the times you go hang out at night when you become allowed to drink. The music and dance in Ireland’s culture represent camaraderie. It doesn’t matter if you’re jamming with your friends or sitting at a pub indulging in a trad session. You shouldn’t be surprised that many traditional bands were started in Ireland. Even if there isn’t a particular selection of the best Irish bands, this article will tell you of some of the iconic ones.


Integrating Celtic rock is what the Horslips do with their music style. They are a traditional band that most people of Ireland know. They use traditional reels, jigs, and airs as their music’s foundation and they are being celebrated for using them. In Dublin in the year 1970, the band was started. It became the band to listen to if you wanted to hear Celtic fusion. However, from 1980 until 2004, the band took a break. After their break, they’re still performing their best, and they’re still popular with many adoring fans. During The Troubles, the band served as a common interest between those that opposed each of their political views.

The Chieftains

In Ireland, a band that everyone adored was the Chieftains. They were a band that focused on traditional folk. The band first started in Dublin in the year 1963, and they still perform together until today. The founding members of the Chieftains were Michael Tubridy, Sean Potts, and Paddy Maloney. They have an identity that is prominently Irish. These three were essential to the traditional music of Ireland’s evolution into becoming contemporary. The band became successful all over the world, including in the United Kingdom as well as the United States. Their success is due to them being involved with the film called Barry Lyndon, which was directed by Stanley Kubrick and released in the year 1975. That movie received an Academy Award, which is a reason their music became well-known. There have been many rewards awarded to the band for their musical contributions to the world. It includes being honoured the title of Ireland’s Musical Ambassadors in the year 1989.

The Dubliners

The best traditional band that had their roots in Ireland is the Dubliners. At least, that’s what most of the people of Ireland think of them. The band was started in the year 1962. Lead singers Ronnie Drew and Luke Kelly have always been the lead members of the band. Their half-century-long career has had their band’s line-up changed a lot. But even if the line-up was drastically changing, Luke and Drew were still essential parts of the band that helped the band grow. The band has received many awards for how they’ve helped with the musical renaissance of Ireland.