The AVA EDM Music Festival in Ireland Has Been Sensational

Music festivals are a great place to hang out with friends. It is the perfect place to kick back and to engorge yourself in the music. Be it the calming and alluring style of music, to the fast techno beats, each music festival is different and often features many artists. These artists are most widely known and famous individuals, such as David Guetta or even the more popular figures in today’s hip hop industry. Each music festival caters to a person and their interests. But it is also essential to find the correct type of music festival to head to, and since there are so many types of festivals and, even more so of the same genre, it may be a bit confusing as to where to start and which festival you should try next.

As of early 2019, one of the most spectacular locations and music destinations that should be next on your list is the AVA EDM music festival. This festival is exactly as it sounds and even more. It takes place in Ireland and is said to be an extraordinary experience to behold. This party quickly and effectively rose up in the ranks to become one of Europe’s most invigorating and energetic parties and EDM music festivals. They recently celebrated their fifth anniversary with a strong and brand new lineup in which to begin and continue with their festivities. 

The Genre And Program

Considering the fact that the AVA festival is a European Music Festival, it is one of the most sensational venues where the rising stars of all genres and all talents join together to make your night fun. Be prepared to be wowed by the best lineup you have ever seen. The artists in the scene include some famous artists who are known by many all across Europe. Ranging from the Black Madonna to Horse Meat Disco, who were all individuals who performed and were interviewed on the latest news about their experiences in the country.

The showcase of talent throughout the course of the shows, ensure the display of some new blood as well as personal and past favourites of the crowd, including the motor city drum ensemble and Len Faki. There were even some acts and performances that take over the crowd entirely and matched the crowds’ intensity to stomp and shout alongside the music. Every performer accomplishes this feat with a devastating and intense blend of techno and bounce music. This not only ensures that the crowd goes wild, but it also paves the way for other artists to make their debut and burst onto the stage with a new sense of motivation. The festival itself is integral to dance music scene in Europe and its EDM lovers. Overall if you are an EDM lover and you are looking for a new venue to attend, the AVA EDM music festival in Europe should be next on your list of places to go.