The Guinness Jazz Fest Brings Jazz to Ireland Every Year

Beers and the Irish have a powerful bond sealed with the goodness that Guinness has brought to the country. So, when the beer company sponsor a countrywide iconic jazz festival in Cork, the entire country celebrates it. It is the biggest jazz festival in all of Ireland, and some musicians are welcomed from over 30 countries to come and participate in the festival and bring music to over 80 venues throughout the city of Cork. There are a host of events that are part of the festival that keep visitors and patrons coming back for more every year. 

The History of The Festival

For over several decades, the jazz festival draws in over 40,000 people to the city. The biggest names in jazz music are always set to perform at the festival, and a true jazz fan finds that the festival lacks in nothing less. Names like Dizzy Gillespie, Ella Fitzgerald and Chick Corea are some of the biggest names to have headlined at the festival through time. Every year, a top musician in the Jazz genre is chosen to create history at the festival.

The festival was started in the year 1978 for the first time by its founder Jim Mountjoy. He was the marketing manager for a top hotel at the time and found that the city really needed a jazz fest for a weekend. The first time the Guinness jazz festival in Cork took place, it happened to fall on a bank holiday, and the whole event was a massive hit. Over time, a committee was put together, and the festival was taken to heights over the ears. Sponsors began pouring into making their brand known at the festival. It was then during the 80s when Guinness decided to become the title sponsor for the Jazz festival and has continued to hold the main sponsorship title. Mountjoy introduced other little pub trails and jazz events in conjunction with the Jazz festival, and each of them was hits.

Getting to The Festival and Experiencing It

When the tickets and the program becomes available for the festival, ensure you find your spot for places that require you to purchase tickets. Some flights and accommodations need to be considered when you make the trip to Cork for the festival, and the rule of thumb is earlier the better. You can also extend your trip to Cork and experience a host of other events and activities in the city around the time. There are options where you a self-drive to Ireland and though Ireland to experience everything from the Cork festival of Jazz to some of the best sailing adventures. For one thing, the festival is hosted in October, the best time of year to visit Ireland if you are travelling too. An influx in tourism is expected. Therefore, it is advisable to get your tickets early. The entire city of Cork is abuzz with enthusiasm during the festival, and there is enough and more public transport that is organised for the festival-goers as well.