The Top 10 Bands Of All Time From Ireland

Ireland’s music is famous all over the world, and that’s something the people of Ireland are proud of having. In the culture of Ireland, music has been significant throughout the ages. It has been the country’s tradition to play your instruments beside your friends or listen to some tunes with strangers in a pub. Here are the top 10 bands of all time from Ireland.

10. Aslan

Aslan is an Irish rock band that first came to be in 1982, and they came from the capital of Ireland, Dublin. They have toured the country and internationally, which is where they had shows that would have their seats sell out quickly.

9. The Script

The Script is a pop band from Ireland that was started up in 2001. The band was popular in the country, and they still are. They are one of the country’s most favored Irish boy bands of the modern age in Ireland.

8. Villagers

The Villagers are an indie rock band that was formed in Ireland in 2008. They are one of the country’s beloved bands since they’ve been rising to fame that extends all over the world.

7. The Frames

The Frames are a rock band from Ireland that has been making music for years since 1990 until today. They have produced several albums, and they are composed of musicians with each of them having a diverse set of skills.

6. The Pogues

The Pogues are a band that focused on Celtic punk from Ireland that formed in 1982. The peak of the band’s fame was in the late 1980s. Their music had political references scattered in their lyrics, and they loved to use traditional instruments in their music.

5. The Dubliners

The Dubliners are a traditional folk group from Ireland who is well-known all around the country. They were formed in the year 1962. Their direction has been shifting over 50 years later, but their musical direction has been stable for all the time they have been playing music.

4. Horslips

The Horslips are a Celtic rock band that formed in 1970. The inspiration from their music comes from Irish musical reels, forms, and jigs. People often call them Celtic rock’s founding fathers, which shows with their everlasting success.

3. The Cranberries

The Cranberries are a rock band from Ireland that started as a group of four people. They have been active for many years ever since their formation, but they won’t be active after 2019, after the passing of their lead vocalist.

2. Snow Patrol

Snow Patrol is a rock band from Northern Ireland that has had numerous songs that have topped the charts and have been popular hits ever since they were formed in the year 1994. They started right when they finished their college studies, and they have to lead the stage of the world. The band has received numerous awards and nominations from different award shows, which makes sense since their records have sold an astounding amount throughout the time they have been active.

1. U2

U2 is the most famous rock band from Ireland. They were formed in the year 1978 in Dublin. Throughout their career, their success has been exponentially growing, and the success they’ve reached makes them one of the bands in the entire world that’s the most successful out of most bands.