TOP Irish Songs You Should Listen Right Now

Irish Songs

The Irish culture has two sides. The first one is sad and serious with great literature, difficult history, and stepping dances. The second side is related with joy, lucky, and mystical creatures. If you are imagining the true Irish pub right now with green decorations and a huge glass of Guinness beer, then the only thing that was missed is a playlist of the best Irish songs.  

There are those traditional Irish folk songs that have be recorded and re-interpreted over the years about war, dark rainy days, and hard work. There are straight-ahead bangers that just so happened to be recorded by bands who come from Ireland. The world-wide popular singers such as Van Morrison and Ed Sheeran or such bands as U2 have changed the attitude towards the Irish music and the whole culture of this country. Here we want to introduce you some amazing old and new Irish songs that would bring you mood for beer and dancing on a bar.


Raglan Road is one of those songs that never gets old-fashioned because the topic of love is always trendy. This song is called the most romantic Irish song as it was born out of a real romance. The song was written by Patrick Kavanagh. There are many covers of this top Irish song but one of the best versions has been performed by Luke Kelly. How good is this song? Well, even the strongest man can burst into tears when they are listening to this song after a few glasses of whiskey. 

Another great and true Irish song of the so-called pirate style is called The Wild Rover. The classic drinking song tells the story about a wayward son spending all his money on whiskey and beer but then promising to return home only to repent his wild ways. What could be more Irish? The song came from folk songs and it could be older than 400 years old. However, the well-known Irish band The Dubliners made a great cover in 1964 and the old song came back to the tops. People all over Ireland knows this song because the topic is immortal. 

Phil Coulter is known by older and younger generations of Ireland as well as his unique song called The Town I Loved So Well. The song is so simple yet so honest and hearty about life in one town of Derry that is located in Northern Ireland. This is one of the most emotive Irish songs. It speaks to anyone who experienced life in Ireland during good and bad times.

New and Trendy

Wild Mountain Thyme is an old song that was mentioned in some historical sources of the late 18th century. Year by year it was covered by different bands and singers. The newest cover is made by the star of teenagers Ed Sheeran. Simple, traditional, and sounds good while drinking your beer. 

Northern Ireland
Northern Ireland

Finally, there is a song by U2 called Where the Streets Have No Name. The leader of the band Bono wrote after hearing a story about Belfast, the capital of Northern Ireland. The song tells about the idea that a person’s religion and income could be guessed by the street they lived on, and instead encourage unity by forgetting about street names.