Traditional Music Festival Experiences in Ireland

The people of Ireland are renowned all over the world for how much they love music and how they celebrate music. They celebrate with good times while playing music. You’ll see them celebrate a lot during the summer. It is when the country will have many traditional events and festivals that are held in almost every city. 

What Are the Festivals in Ireland Like?

For many centuries in Ireland, they have celebrated fleadhs, feiles, and ceilis as they told stories, danced and sang songs. There was some Irish Harps, uilleann pipes, an accordion, a bodhran player, the penny flute, and the flutes playing to provide the music. The songs from centuries ago would be played by those instruments. The instruments would help play polkas, reels, and jigs, which would be the song that the traditional dancers would be dancing to during the celebrations. There are also Sean Nos singers that have solo ballads they would sing. Storytellers would also be there to tell the stories about Irish folklore from many centuries ago, which crowds would gather to be able to listen in to around the storytellers. It is a vital part of the culture of Ireland, and you’ll still witness it in today’s times. There are many concerts, festivals, and traditional pub seisuns all over Ireland.

Tradition in All the Events

In Ireland, there have been many traditional festivals that have been celebrated. Two of the oldest ones are Puck Fair and the Ould Lammas Fair. The former takes place in Co. Kerry, while the latter takes place in Co. Antrim. Puck Fair takes place in a town in Co. Kerry called Killorglin. It is a fair that is renowned throughout Ireland as being one of if not the oldest festivals in the country. The festival is the quirkiest one in all of Ireland since they have a goat, called King Puck, that rules the town. They put a crown on King Puck and place him in the middle of town on a stage. Then, the town’s citizens celebrate with a variety of music and celebration throughout the city. Ould Lammas Fair takes place in a village in Co. Antrim called Ballycastle. It is held during August’s final weekend. It is a festival where a market of cattle and horses takes over the town. But during the nighttime is when the fiddle and bodhran sound flood the city.

Feiles and Fleadhs

Each county or town in Ireland will hold a Fleadh or Feile in the summer. If you are considering visiting Ireland at any time during the summer, then you’ll find many festivals or fairs taking place throughout the country. For example, if you go to Co. Kerry, then the Feile Lughnasa is an excellent fair you can attend. If you go to Co. Mayo, then the Feile Iorras is a fantastic festival to attend. There is also the festival on the Aran Islands’ Co. Donegal the Ragus, which is called the Feile an Earagail. These festivals and fairs help in keeping the traditional dance and song of Ireland alive.