What to Expect From a Music Festival in Ireland

In Ireland, music festivals weren’t much of a trend until a decade back. The first music festival that made it a trend in Ireland was Witness (now known as Oxegen). It was held in County Kildare. After that particular music festival, more and more started to pop up. Nowadays, the summers have numerous small and large music festivals that are scattered throughout the country. If you’re in Ireland during the summer, you’re most likely going to want to attend a music festival or two. This article will list down a few things you should keep in mind before you go to a music festival in Ireland.

1. Keep Watch of Who and What’s Around You

If you ever attend a music festival, you’ll feel like you’re pushing into crowds all the time. You might think that the place is like a mini city since there are tents all over the surrounding area of the stages. Be mindful of who and what’s around you at all times while at the music festival. If you wander off without keeping a note of what’s around you, you’ll be lost, and you won’t find your car or tent. It is vital to be always aware of what’s around you.

2. Always Keep an Eye on Your Belongings

Ireland is a place where, most of the time, people have had excellent experiences. But people have had people break into their tents or have had things stolen from them. You shouldn’t be keeping valuable items inside of your tent. You might think that putting a lock on your tent will help you, but that will only get your tent targeted most of the time. Thieves will see the lock and instantly assume that there are valuable things inside that tent, which will make them want to break into that tent. Always have your money, phone, and method of identification with you at all times.

3. Be Prepared Beforehand for Any Weather

If you are thinking of attending a music festival in Ireland during the summer, you’ll probably be experiencing rain when you’re there. On the days leading up to the music festival, you should keep yourself notified on the weather forecast. But no matter what the weather is, you should prepare for any weather since it can be unpredictable. You will have to bring with you any waterproof footwear to be able to traverse through the muddy ground of the festival. Make sure to prepare sunglasses and sunscreen in case of intense sunlight, if the sun decides to show up and the clouds decide to take a break.

4. Remember to Enjoy and Have Fun

The most important thing that you have to keep in your mind is that you should be having fun. If you aren’t having fun, then you’re doing music festivals all wrong. Music festivals are supposed to be parties that are full of fun music, events, and activities. There are performers that you will find amazing who will be playing their music and such. Some people are all-around great people to be around. Always be mindful of your safety but also try to have the most fun you can muster.